• Equine Veterinary Dentistry Services

    • Modern clinical approach

    • Advanced equine dental services and referrals

    • Training & CPD

  • Routine Maintenance Dentistry

    • Clinical dental examination

    • Controlled rasping and balancing

    • Advice on developing problems

  • Advanced and Referral Dentistry

    • Oral extractions, periodontal disease

    • Minimally invasive surgical procedures

    • Restorative and endodontic therapy

Equine Dental Clinic

Welcome to the Equine Dental Clinic (EDC). EDC is the UK’s first veterinary practice dedicated to equine dentistry offering general, advanced and referral dentistry services for horses. The practice was started by Chris Pearce MRCVS in January 2013 to provide high quality equine veterinary
dentistry services across the UK.

EDC provides the following services:

  • Modern routine dentistry at your premises or at one of our partner veterinary clinics. Fixed price group visits are available at preferential rates (see Routine Dental Care)
  • Advanced dental referral services for vets and equine dental technicians (EDTs). Cases such as cheek tooth extractions, surgical repulsions, cavity restorations and root canal fillings are seen by referral at various partner veterinary practices across the South
  • Pre-purchase dental oroscopic examination
  • Training and education for vets and EDTs at conferences, seminars and practical sessions

About Chris Pearce
CertEM(IntMed) CertES(SoftTissue) BAEDT MRCVS

Chris has considerable experience in equine dentistry at all levels. He has post-graduate qualifications in internal
medicine and surgery and was the first vet in the UK to also qualify as an equine dental technician (EDT) in 2001. Since then Chris has developed a wide referral client base for advanced and surgical equine dental conditions.

Chris teaches, lectures and examines widely on equine
dentistry in the UK and worldwide. He is past chairman of the BEVA/BVDA examining committee for EDT exams, past BEVA Council representative for equine dentistry, chairman of the BEVA Dental Working Party for political aspects relating to dentistry – and winner of the coveted Pet Plan Vet of the Year Award for 2011, an achievement that the judges awarded in recognition of Chris’s work in equine dentistry and the beneficial effect on equine welfare.

Chris is dedicated to advancing the science of equine
dentistry and is particularly interested in novel restorative and preservative treatments. This has placed Chris at the forefront of equine dentistry worldwide.

How did we develop our logo?

The EDC logo references our view that there are many parts to a horse’s wellbeing, and that some, if not all can be effected by one small part – in our case oral health.